Inventions and devices registration

Technology development and technical ideas, new discoveries and inventions are an important part of scientific and technical progress. Undoubtedly that whole history of mankind — is a story of inventions.

Invention is a technical solution relating to product (device, substance) or method, as well as to product’ using or process for a particular purpose.

As Abraham Lincoln said, the flame of intelligence is necessary to maintain by fuel of interest. Author of the invention or device must secure his exclusive rights.

Inventions and devices gain legal protection only after patent grant. Patent owner has an exclusive right to his invention or device. That’s why no one can use the patented object without patent owner’s permission.

Conditions of the patentability
  1. Novelty (The object has not to be described in publications or practically realized in any country of the world)
  2. Industry applicability (technical solution should not contradict to the laws of physics and it has to be able for implementation)
  3. Unobviousness (an invention has to be not obvious to a person of ordinary skill experienced in the particular technology)

Registration of inventions is a long and laborious procedure connected with filing in a large number of documents according to strict rules.

Registration on a
turn-key basis

Our company works on all process of trademark registration. We will fill in all necessary documents, submit an application, prepare answers for all state experts’ requests, get the trademark certificate and transmit it to you.

Fixed prices

Imposition of additional useless services is totally unacceptable for us. Our online price calculator will show you the cost of trademark registration. Also you can personally ask our specialists for detailed information about prices. Total price is final and can’t be changed.

High professional qualification

All our employees have high legal or economic education and wide work experience. We mostly specialize on protection of intellectual property rights and we clearly can find a professional solution for any problem.

We will feel in all the documents and submit the application for registration of invention or device and you can be sure about successful formal expertise.

Invention/utility model registration service includes:

Registration time of the invention in federal service for intellectual property is from 18 to 24 months and of the device about 12 months State fees:


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