Analysis of documentation and establishing workflow

Intellectual property is not tangible assets. You can use only exclusive rights or product, but not an object itself.

In other words, you can’t sell an invention, trademark or a work of art, but you can alienate exclusive rights or sell product, in which invention is used or goods marked by your trademark, or copies of art work.

As far as intellectual property is intangible assets, all the clerical work connected to creation of IP objects and exclusive rights ordering is very important.

Without proper clerical work, there are many risks of impossibility of legal protection in case of unfair competition, sabotage or ex-employee revenge. Unfortunately, these are widespread phenomenon in modern world.

High reputation

Law enforcement authorities and courts of all instances trust our company. The biggest local and international companies are among our constant clients. It confirms high standards of our work.

Fixed prices

Imposition of additional useless services is totally unacceptable for us. Our online price calculator will show you the cost of trademark registration. Also you can personally ask our specialists for detailed information about prices. Total price is final and can’t be changed.

High professional qualification

All our employees have high legal or economic education and wide work experience. We specialize on protection of intellectual property rights and we clearly can find a professional solution of any problem.

We will take all the work for establishing workflow of intellectual property objects for increasing your legal security level.

Our establishing workflow service includes:

Our establishing workflow service requirements:


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