Contract’s registration

Right holder can exploit his exclusive right for his trademark, scientific, literary and artistic works, inventions and other intellectual property matters.

The most common methods of rights’ exploitation are license agreements and contracts of alienation of the exclusive right.

The contract of alienation of the exclusive right means that all exclusive rights transfer to purchaser for the hole period of its validity.

The license agreement includes the right to use protected object in certain ways and for definite terms. This type of agreement is similar to lease contract in Property Law.

Remember that transferring exclusive rights of registered IP objects (trademarks, inventions and others) must be registered in the Rospatent. Without this registration the contract will be invalid.

Registration on a
turn-key basis

Our company works on all process of trademark registration. We will fill in all necessary documents, submit an application, prepare answers for all state experts’ requests, get the trademark certificate and transmit it to you.

Fixed prices

Imposition of additional useless services is totally unacceptable for us. Our online price calculator will show you the cost of trademark registration. Also you can personally ask our specialists for detailed information about prices. Total price is final and can’t be changed.

High professional qualification

All our employees have high legal or economic education and wide work experience. We mostly specialize on protection of intellectual property rights and we clearly can find a professional solution for any problem.

License or exclusive right alienation agreement registration service includes:
We will fill in and submit all documents in five business days. According to law registration time is about two months.
Price of the creating license or exclusive right alienation agreement – 15000 rubles.
Creating of an individual agreement with all clients’ specific requests – 17000 rubles.

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