Industrial designs registration

Market economy and stiff competition demand from goods’ producers more than ensuring the quality of their product’s functionality. The most important factor that has sometimes high influence on consumer demand is the article’s design.

It is necessary to say that article must satisfy consumers’ demands in terms of requirements of fashion, beauty and expressiveness of his appearance, elegance, as well as the ergonomics — simplicity and easiness of use.

For protecting article’s design Russian legislation provides special object of patent rights — an industrial design. Industrial design is an outward appearance of an article of industrial or handicraft production.

Industrial designs acquire theirs legal protection only after it will be registered.

Patent owner of industrial design has the exclusive right. Consequently no person has such right to use this patented industrial design without written permission of its owner.

Patent for industrial design will be issued only if the claimed design is new and original. Patent for industrial design is valid during 5 years with renewal possibility until 25 years after filing date.

Registration on a
turn-key basis

Our company works on all process of trademark registration. We will fill in all necessary documents, submit an application, prepare answers for all state experts’ requests, get the trademark certificate and transmit it to you.

Fixed prices

Imposition of additional useless services is totally unacceptable for us. Our online price calculator will show you the cost of trademark registration. Also you can personally ask our specialists for detailed information about prices. Total price is final and can’t be changed.

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We will feel in all the documents and submit the application for industrial design registration. You can be sure about successful formal expertise.

Industrial design registration service includes:

Registration time of the invention in federal service for intellectual property is from 18 to 24 months and of the device about 12 months.


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