Registration of computer programs in the Russian Federation

Current Russian legislation does not provide the patenting of computer programs and databases. These intellectual property rights are protected by copyright, which arises automatically from the moment of their creation and do not require compulsory registration. However, computer programs and databases can be registered by Rospatent at the right holder’s request.

Registration of computer programs and databases:

— Provide proof of exclusive rights and moral rights of the author;

— Facilitate the identification of the object in license agreements and exclusion of rights;

— It allows to put computer program and database on the undertaking’ balance sheet;

The most important purpose of registration of computer programs and databases is to make information about these facilities in the state register. This information shall be valid until it is proven otherwise (Civil Code, 1261). Thus, rights holders of registered computer programs and databases have a distinct advantage.

Registration on a
turn-key basis

Our company works on all process of trademark registration. We will fill in all necessary documents, submit an application, prepare answers for all state experts’ requests, get the trademark certificate and transmit it to you.

Fixed prices

Imposition of additional useless services is totally unacceptable for us. Our online price calculator will show you the cost of trademark registration. Also you can personally ask our specialists for detailed information about prices. Total price is final and can’t be changed.

High professional qualification

All our employees have high legal or economic education and wide work experience. We mostly specialize on protection of intellectual property rights and we clearly can find a professional solution for any problem.

We will prepare and submit an application in 3 business days. Time of computer programs/databases registration in federal service for intellectual property is about 2 month.

Prices for the computer program/database registration:

    Computer program registration

  • For persons:
  • 19000 rubles - our company

    3000 rubles – state fee

  • For companies:
  • 19000 rubles - our company registration service

    4500 rubles – state fee

    Database registration

  • For persons:
  • 19000 rubles – our company registration service

    3000 rubles – state fee

  • For companies
  • 21000 rubles - our company registration service

    4500 rubles – state fee

For computer program/database registration we will need:

  • Information about the author and the copyright owner of the program or database:
    1. Author information – full name, residential address, registration info
    2. Information about copyright owner, if he is not an author – name/ registration info, address, license or exclusive right alienation agreement
    3. Full program/database name, date of creation
    4. Time and place of release
    5. List of materials protected by copyright, which were used in program/database
    6. Previous or alternative name of program/database
    7. Appointment, application area, functionality of program/database, short description
    8. Type of device program/database can work with
    9. Requirement operational system
    10. Size in megabits
    11. If needed – address, phone number and email for publication of official Rospatent bulletin.
  • Additional requirements for a computer program registration:

    - Programming language

    - Fragment of source code (no more than 70 pages). Author have to choose source code fragments to show originality of his program

  • Additional requirements for a database registration:

    - Control system of database

    - Fragment of database (no more than 70 pages). Author has to choose source code fragments to show originality of his database


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