Trademark examination

One of the main problems faced by right holders when they try to defend their rights in court is necessity to prove the fact of illegal use of their intellectual property objects by infringer.

Trademark examination carries out in case if the offender designation is similar to, but not identical with already registered trademark.  Consequently court often doubts about a fact of infringement and then plaintiff may back up his claims by one of the most tangible evidence – expert’s professional conclusion.

At the same time defendant also has possibility to examine his trademark. If the examination results will establish that designation is not similar to the registered plaintiff” trademark, defendant will receive documentary evidence of the groundlessness of claims and will affect the judgment in his favor.

In the majority of cases always carries out extrajudicial trademark examination by one of the parties in pre-trial preparation.

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Information about our company can be found on Moscow arbitration court’s website and also on websites of most arbitration courts of Russian Federation.

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Identity and similarity of the signs

Examination is based on such factors as:

- Word and graphic elements

- Composition

- Color combinations

Similarity of the signs directly connected to similarity of goods and services. If goods and services are the same or close to each other, signs considered similar too.

Requirements for the trademark examination:

- Information about person or company ordering the examination and paying for it (in case of non-trial examination).

- The trademark registration number

- A picture of the sign

- A list of goods and services classes the trademark was registered for

The average examination time of trademarks is from 10 to 15 business days.

Price for the trademark examination depends on the type sign, complexity and urgency of the research and some other factors, so we calculate price for any single case. Average price of the examination is about 30000 - 45000 rubles.


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